Those Words Just Seem To Explain

by Savoury

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Savoury releases their long awaited full-length album. It includes eleven songs that illustrate the unique sound of a band that has continued to mature and discover their collective identity.


released November 25, 2012

All songs written by Savoury except track 2 written by Savoury and Nick Bevan-John.



all rights reserved


Savoury Halifax, Nova Scotia

We write catchy, simple songs that blend alt-country, rock, pop, folk and more. Influences include Blue Rodeo, Tom Petty, and Wilco. Our songs combine layers of guitar with great hooks, soaring melodies and tasteful harmonies.

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Track Name: Come Undone
Now I’m lying on the couch
And I’m talking to myself
Maybe there’s something I can do
But my mind won’t let my body move

It’s come undone
It’s come undone

It’s like it’s happening on the TV
This can’t be real, oh yes it can be
I guess I’m waiting on a sign
To know that everything’s alright

It’s come undone
It’s come undone

Let’s put it in rewind
Can we go back in time?
Do you remember way back when?
No, you won’t even listen

It’s come undone
It’s come undone
Track Name: Break Me
Gonna hit the road today
I think I’m going far away
Search for something, search for anything
That I can find

Falling down, in our conversation
I can’t stand, walking by your side
Send down, send some clean persuasion
Break me, from the inside

Ain’t taking much with me
I’ll go as far as I can see
But there’s a girl that hung me up
I never said the things I should


We fought about so many things
Was scarier than dreams
We made so many plans, kept a few of them
It’s so simple, it’s so clear

Track Name: Broken, Beat Down & Busted
Walking up another hill
My feet are tired and sore
The evening sun is shining bright
But I wish the rain would pour

Broken, beat down and busted
Never been here before
Broken, beat down and busted
I’m a long way from home

Knew the ocean wasn’t far away
Walked until I heard the waves
Ended up down in Margaretsville
But the ocean wouldn’t comfort me


Just had to get away from you
Kept walking on and on
Somehow it didn’t help me
I guess I was wrong

Walking up another hill
My feet are tired and sore
The evening sun is shining bright
But I wish the rain would pour

Track Name: Pickin' Up the Pieces
I’ve been pickin’ up the pieces
Like I’ve been frozen in an ice chest
Everything feels so different
It’s not the way I remember it

Scattered all around me
Little bits and pieces
And you’re running through my head

Now I’m fumbling through the evidence
But it seems like it’s meaningless
Got to start at the beginning
At least I know where I’m going

Scattered all around me
Little bits and pieces
And you’re running through my head

Repeat Chorus

I’ve been pickin’ up the pieces
Track Name: All I'll Ever Need
I’ve been travelling for a long time now
Lost track of the miles between my wheels and the ground
Burning gas, burning days
I hope this rambling ‘round is only just a phase

I wanna go away, way back home again
Where these troubles can set me free
Down in the valley they say, the sun shines everyday
That is all I’ll that I’ll ever need

Been locked out and I been shut in
Nobody seems to care what kind of shape I’m in
Though my mind’s in such a haze
I’ll take some time for me and think of better days


The smoke is heavy but the air is thin
I sit at the bar and I order up some gin
With many miles left to go
Will I make it there, I guess I’ll never know

Track Name: Wait For It
A man once told me,
Be careful son
There’s people out there,
That’ll drag you down
Me, I’ve always tried to,
See the best in everyone
But lately I’ve been feeling like him

Wait for it

A kid once told me,
Be careful sir
There’s machines out there,
That’ll chew you up
Me, I’ve always tried to,
See the good in everything
But lately I’ve been feeling like him

Wait for it

Been away for all these years
Had to ration out my tears
Why’d you come here anyway?
Is there something you want to say?

Wait for it
Track Name: Face Down
Look at you on that stage
Feel like part of me is dying
Lately you’ve been working so hard
I don’t fee like trying

You’ve got a lot of nerve
So some might say
Everything I give to you
You take away

You said I was special
You said that I was the one

Look at me stretched out on the ground
I’m lying face down

Even with a thousand fluffy mattresses
I could still feel you in my side
You’re like a pain that never goes away
You’ll always be my apple pie


Track Name: Point A
He don’t want to leave his home,
But he’s heading out again.
Make some money, pay the bills,
He’ll be back, but not sure when.

Yeah the streets are paved with gold,
But your family’s left behind.
You long to hear the ocean roar,
And ease your worried mind.

His back’s against the wall,
This life’s no life at all.
But he won’t stop living,
He just keeps on singing.
No he won’t stop giving,
He just keeps on singing.
Some say just pack it all in,
And move point A to B.
But point A is all he knows,
And all he’ll ever need.


This story’s been told before;
It’s happening more and more.
But he just can’t back down,
No one ever taught him how.

He sings a song about uprooted people,
And those words just seem to explain.
How a home is more than windows and doors,
And point B, just ain’t the same.

Track Name: Unbearable
You like playing silly games
I must have liked them too
You had me on a string
What was I to do?

You’re unbearable, you got me reelin’
And I’m a memory in the back of your mind
You’re an accident, waiting to happen
But the next time it won’t be mine

I was young and so naive
You were on the prowl
I thought I knew what I was doing
But just look at me now


Sometimes I get to thinking
I think about you
But lately I’ve been wondering
If you think about me too?

Track Name: That's How It Goes
There was a boy
He grew up on the South Coast
Loved fishing and going out in boats
Playing hockey on the pond

There was a girl
She grew up on a different Bay
Smart and pretty she knew she’d find her way
Out of that town

Years later
Their paths crossed
Young and foolish they both got lost
In love

There came a day
When happy endings faded away
That’s how it goes
That’s how it goes…